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Due to the discovery of counterfeit Snooper products being sold on auction websites, we strongly recommend that Snooper products are purchased from an Official Snooper Authorised dealer. All units supplied from are Guaranteed to be 100% Genuine Snooper models, in addition to this all units supplied are the latest 2018 models preloaded with the latest available software unless otherwise stated and are supplied with full manufacturers warranty, back up and product support.

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We Guarantee you the very latest Snooper mapping available. Register your unit within 30 days of first use and if a more recent map is available you can download it for free! See user manual for further details, terms & conditions.

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Snooper is a UK business and a leading supplier of GPS navigation systems for trucks, leisure travellers and golfers.


AURAUnlike AURA, many other GPS speed camera databases rely largely on locations provided by hobbyists who might not be able to tell a speed camera or a red light camera from a traffic flow camera or a surveillance camera. These databases could result in annoying false alerts, which could lead you to start ignoring even legitimate alerts-defeating the point of having a GPS database in the first place. Other databases are not updated every day, and they also limit how often you can download updates. As a result, devices using these databases are not as up-to-date as they could be and are likely to miss alerts. In contrast, Snooper has assembled a professional team that devotes every working day to verifying each and every speed camera and high risk zone that goes into the AURA database.

The AURA database is constantly updated, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AURA's reliability is backed up by Snooper, one of the most respected and trusted satellite navigation and speed camera location manufacturers. Snooper has won dozens of awards for innovation and product performance and has been establised since 1979.

If you're considering a GPS database to reduce your risk of an unintended speeding ticket or accident, doesn't it make sense to go with the database and the company that reduces that risk the most? As well as the UK and Ireland, the AURA speed trap database now offers Worldwide protection Including Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and is still growing.

Here - Maps for LifeThe all new S8100 Pro range offers State-of-the-Art technology. The best street level navigation from Here® Maps for Life (formerly Navteq®), Snooper’s award winning AURA GPS speed camera detection, live RDS-TMC traffic information alerts and DVB-T2 TV. This model is the same specification as our best selling S8000 Pro range but with the addition of a DVB-T2 TV, an FM transmitter and Tyre Pilot Compatibility all neatly housed in a high quality piano black casing.

The all new Snooper SC5800 Pro Range with Built-in DVR, TMC traffic information, Bluetooth and Multi-route technology are the latest additions to the Snooper range. Based on the multi-award winning Syrius platform, SC5800 Pro’s are now even better. Pre-loaded with latest software and street level mapping plus the option to add Snooper’s award winning AURA GPS speed camera database. This model offers similar features to the S8100 with a smaller 5" display.

Snooper the Number 1 supplier of speed camera detection systems for over 30 years and now established as one of the premier suppliers of portable satellite navigation systems across the UK & Europe.

Snooper pioneered the development of speed camera detection systems and have been a constant leader in technology and design for over 30 years. Since 1979 we have been supplying our customers with the very best in radar/laser and GPS speed camera location systems. Now we bring you the very best in portable satellite navigation systems with our systems combining the latest sat nav street level mapping from Here® Maps for Life (formerly Navteq®) with our award winning Snooper speed camera location technology.


The difference between Snooper Satellite Navigation systems and the best of the rest? Snooper's Aura speed camera database. The most comprehensive database around with camera location across Europe. Stay protected from Manchester to Monaco!

With genuinely unbeatable speed camera live updates available 24 hours a day, every day, no other sat nav manufacturer can touch the Snooper technology. The database is managed by a team of experienced staff committed to ensuring that you never miss a camera. AURA is updated daily because anything less than 100% is not an option. All Snooper, Truckmate and Ventura systems use this technology, not only our dedicated GPS speed camera detectors such as 4ZERO, but all of our sat nav systems, this includes the S8100 Pro Range, S7000 Pro Range, S6800 Pro Range, SC5800 Pro Range and S2700 Pro Range, in fact every Snooper satellite navigation model in our entire range.

Multi-award winning technology

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"Offering genuine safety benefits"

MORI carried out a survey which amongst other things, aimed to evaluate the driving habits, behaviours and accident rates of radar detector users and non radar detector users. A similar poll conducted in the USA a few years earlier had produced some very surprising results and it would be interesting to see if the same results would be returned in the UK.

It is a common misconception, often from people who have never actually used a radar detector, that people who do, do so to speed with impunity and as a result are more dangerous drivers and must surely add to the already too high, fatalities on British roads. The facts are very different:

  • Radar detector users, on average, drive 73952 miles further between accidents, than non-radar detector users.
  • 75% of users claim to be more aware of keeping to the speed limit since they purchased a detector.
  • Users claim to travel 50% further between accidents than non-users.
  • 60% of users claim to have become a safer driver since purchasing a radar detector.
  • 75% of users have become more speed aware since purchasing a radar detector.
Snooper. Helping to create a safer driving environment.

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